Payment Details

For Puppy Deposit and The Balance

We accept payments though Good Dog

We currently are not doing a wait-list. However, when you decide to place a deposit with us this will hold and reserve the puppy you choose with that deposit.  If you are placing a deposit with us, this means that we have accepted your application, spoke with you, and confirmed that you are going to be a proud owner of a legit Pomsky. That being said, Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Remaining Puppy Balance: We accept CASH ONLY if you choose to pick up your puppy in person. If you are needing to use a flight nanny we will accept payment through Good Dog before the puppy is 6 weeks of age.


Transportation Details

For Local & Out of State Buyers

Do you live in MN or in a surrounding state?

Yeah, you are fortunate and lucky to have found the Pomsky of your dreams that is local to you.  We are willing to drive and meet if you are within a reasonable distance from us.  This will be determined on a one-to-one basis.

Out of The State: MN

We HIGHLY encourage you to fly or drive here to pick up your puppy.  It could be cheaper and easier for an out-of-state family to book a flight to MSP and meet us there. We do offer a Personal Flight Nanny Service if you are completely unable to pick up your puppy yourself. 

Here is a little information on the Flight Nanny that we use.  They charge around $650.00 PER PUPPY and because some airports are currently limited these rates could be increased. The buyer resumes the responsibility to pay promptly if Extra Flight Fees are charged while in transit.