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About Gypsy Rose Pomskies

An Honest & Ethical Pomsky Breeder

Gypsy Rose Pomskies is located in southern Minnesota. We invite you to join our Facebook page "Gypsy Rose Pomskies." On that page, we post updates of our current puppies and let you know what puppies are not spoken for.  Buying a puppy from a breeder really is like adopting a new member of the family. Sending puppies to their forever home is a true labor of love. The dedication required to raise the perfect pet for somebody else to enjoy is something that not many people possess. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of our puppies from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. To see more specifics about our program see below.

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What Keeps Our Tails Wagging

At Gypsy Rose Pomskies, our goal in our breeding program is to produce happy and healthy puppies with friendly dispositions that fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets.

We accomplish this by doing DNA testing on parent dogs to ensure that we can produce healthy puppies. We live together with our animals, and our breeding dogs are our family members!  Every puppy coming from Gypsy Rose Pomskies has adult/children socialization from day one. Our puppies are born in our house and are raised in our home.  We start potty training as soon as they become mobile, which is typically around 3-4 weeks old via potty pads and litter boxes.

Neurostimulation is started at about 1 week old and continues until they are placed in their new home. Puppies will be vetted, wormed on a regular 2-week schedule, and the first round of shots are given at about 7 weeks.

We breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade.  We are members of the IPA and our puppies will come pre-registered.  We offer lifetime breeder support throughout your puppy's entire life, so do not hesitate to contact us!  We love this breed and only want the best for it. 

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What is a Pomsky?

Husky x Pomeranian = Pomsky (Artic Spitz)

A Pomsky is a breed that is originally created by the cross of a female Siberian Husky and a male Pomeranian. All Pomskies that you are considering adopting should have a combination of percentages of both Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Please take note that there are standards as to how much of the other approved breeds are allowed in a breeder's line to still be a legit Pomsky.  Some of the currently approved breeds other than Husky/Pomeranian are American Eskimos and German Klein spitz.  This may change in the future as reputable Pomsky breeders are trying their hardest to perfect this breed. At Gypsy Rose Pomskies we only have husky and pomeranian in our lines.  Through the years of this breed developing it has become an ideal standard that a Pomsky will have the appearance of a Husky with its coat markings and range between 8-25lbs. To read more about the IPA's standards set for Pomskies, you can do so here. We personally love the standard sizes because we envision the Pomsky as a smaller husky that can do husky-like activities with our family.  Pomskies are proving to have a friendly and social disposition and be quite intelligent as seen in huskies. 

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Home Visitation Policy

*Our Visitation Policy is being enforced to keep your family and my family safe*

We understand you are wanting to buy a Pomsky puppy that is not cheap, and there is a multitude of Pomsky scammers out there making it hard to know whether the breeder is being honest, and you want to know if this dog is suitable for your home.

Similarly, as a breeder, we want to make sure that you are a suitable fit for one of our Pomsky puppies. 

However, at this time home visitations are not being allowed. We have made this decision with the following concerns to our family and pack. Parvo, CHV, Distemper, Brucellosis, Kennel Cough, Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis, and many other parasites/diseases can be transferred into our home on your hands, feet, clothes, and car tires unknowingly.  Please, understand that your puppy will not be fully vaccinated against these diseases that are deadly and we are not willing to take that risk for any of our puppy's sake or our dogs. 

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Meet Our Pack

Welcome to our Sire and Dam section

Gypsy Rose Pomskies is a small family Breeder located in southern Minnesota.  We currently have one sire and two dams. This allows us to live together with our pack and get our affection and attention that they deserve.


Kanook (Sire)

F1 Pomsky 50/50
Plush coat

Meet our handsome four-legged patriarch. Kanook, our Sire is genetically health tested through Embark.  He is an F1 pomsky that is 50% husky and 50% pomeranian.  He proudly represents his beautiful wolf-grey sable plush coat. He is well-loved in our house and he is crazy smart.


Zenya (Dam)

F2 Pomsky 50/50
Standard coat

Zenya is our beautiful black and white F2 Pomsky.  She has been DNA health tested through Embark and is 50% husky and 50% pomeranian.  She follows our son all over the house and loves to sun bathe.


 Zara (Dam)

F2 Pomsky 53/46
Wooly coat

Zara is a beautiful stalky red and white true husky masked Pomsky with a fierce wooly coat. She has been DNA health tested through Embark and is 53.7% Pom/46.3% Husky.  Zara is very affectionate to everyone in our house, enjoys going for walks, and laying in the dog pool in the summer.

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