Meet Our Pack

Welcome to our Sire and Dam section

At Gypsy Rose Pomskies we are a small Pomsky Breeder that currently only has one Sire and one Dam. This allows us to live together with our pack, and our breeding dogs are our 4-legged children.  They get our affection and attention that they deserve and are always with us.


Kanook (Sire)

F1 Pomsky 50/50
Plush coat

Meet our handsome four-legged patriarch. Kanook, our Sire is genetically health tested through Embark.  He is an F1 pomsky that is 50% husky and 50% pomeranian.  He proudly represents his beautiful wolf-grey sable plush coat. He is well-loved in our house and he is crazy smart.  He is always by my side, and at times forgets he weighs 28 lbs and sits in my lap to cuddle.  Since he is a standard size Pomsky, it is safe to have him as my joring teammate. Through our journey of training for this sport, we have developed an amazing bond.


Zenya (Dam)

F2 Pomsky 50/50
Standard coat

Zenya is our beautiful petite F2 Pomsky momma.  She has been DNA health tested through Embark and is 50% husky and 50% pomeranian. She weighs 20 pounds and is the perfect size for a lap dog.  She loves to give out kisses and follows our son all over the house.


 Zara (Future Dam 2021)

F2 Pomsky
53.7% Pom/46.3% Husky
Wooly coat

Zara is a beautiful red and white true husky masked Pomsky with a fierce wooly coat. We look forward to seeing the beautiful F2 Pomsky babies that she and Kanook will have.