Tidbits, Tips, and Tricks

Here are some suggestions of products we love for our Pomskies



We feed our pack Purina.  They follow AAFCO guidelines and their formulas are driven by science. 

All puppies will come with a baggie of the food they were weaned onto which is Purina ONE® SmartBlend® Healthy Puppy Formula Premium Dog Food. It includes a higher amount of protein which is great for Pomskies with their energy level and this blend of dry puppy food includes other vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a growing puppy such as DHA, a nutrient also found in mother's milk, for vision and brain development.  When the puppies are old enough for adult dog food we suggest Purina ONE® specifically the True Instinct line and Purina® Pro Plan® we rotate between these two lines to get a variety of meats in our dogs depending on the season. For example, we choose salmon or tuna in the Autumn because this is what they naturally would have selected if they were in the wild. 

We have done extensive research on dog food. There are many peer-reviewed articles supporting DCM in grain-free foods.  There has been a investigation and many studies done to determine the correlation between grain free and DCM and because of this  we do NOT encourage new puppy owners to feed grain-free!  

We also do not free feed.  There are many health risks involved when a dog is able to overeat.



We are amazed at what Origins 5 in 1  has done for our dog's coats. If you would like to order through them directly and save 10% click this link: https://roguepetscience.com/?coupon-code=DBC-2&sc-page=shop 

We are a firm believer that if you can see health benefits from the outside, then imagine the benefits that are occurring internally. There are a ton of supplements out there, but we love this product. 


Hair Care

Pomskies should NEVER be shaved! They can be trimmed on their bottoms or "butt tuffs" and on their feet, but that is all that I have ever needed to do.  I do nail care and brush them once a week. I love my Undercoat rake for plush coats and a slicker brush works just fine on a standard coat pomsky or to remove tangled hair on plush and wooley coates. 

**When your Pomsky is old enough to leave a collar on remember to brush out the hair underneath.  With their double coats it tends to mat up under the collar. **



I love this harness. Amazing quality from the seller at "the TRUE LOVE Store"  or  this seller  on Amazon!  I have seen some reviews of huskies escaping from the new and updated version with the metal clips & red lock button so make sure you are NOT purchasing that version. I personally have not had mine escape out of this version. There is an  attachment in the front to decrease pulling if I want my pack next to me, and then there is an attachment on the back when I want them to lead like the husky in them craves to do.  I also love that they are not "step in".  It is an "over the head" harnesses and seems to be less stressful for our pack as they are already excited to go for a walk or run.  Initially, I held a treat to their nose with one hand and slipped it over their face at the same time with my other hand.


Potty Training

Thankfully Pomskies are pretty quick learners and food driven.  Before our puppies leave we start with pee pads and then once they start destroying them we switch to litter.  We use alfalfa pellets that we get from Tractor Supply.

We also like the bells on the door handle that we ring every time we take them outside.

Screenshot 2021-01-01 at 3.54.58 PM.png

Toys, Teeth, and Bones

We do not allow any rope/string toys or rawhide in our home.  If you think your dog has eaten strings from a rope toy, you should call your veterinarian right away. Dogs must often undergo surgery if their intestines become cinched or blocked by strands from a rope toy. Tragically, many pet owners don't recognize the problem until it's too late to save the animal. 

**Safety should always come first and every toy should be supervised.**

--> Here are a few toys that we have found to last.  However, as soon as we see that they are easily swallowed and are no longer safe we throw them away. 

Interactive Toys:

1.) BENTOPAL Interactive Dog Toy

2.) Training Safe Ball Funny Sound Toy 

3.) Teaser Ball - 6 in.

4.) Food Puzzle Feeder Toys for IQ Training & Mental Enrichment

5.) Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys

Bones: Throw away when small enough to swallow
2.) Nylabone Power Chew

3.) Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew

5.) Nylabone Flavored Durable Dog Chew

6.) Nylabone Textured Dog Chew Ring

7.) Nylabone Power Chew Textured Bone
8.) Nylabone Flavor Frenzy Power Chew Triple Pack

9.) Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy

Rawhide Free Edible Bones & Treats:

1.) Purina Prime Bones Rawhide Free Pasture-Fed Bison Filled Chew

2.) Purina Prime Bones Rawhide Free Wild Venison Chew Stick

3.) Natural Farm Bully Sticks

4.) Gold Yak Dog Chews

Dental Chews & Toothpaste:

1.) Purina DentaLife Small/Medium Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats

2.) Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste


Car Ride Safety: Connect to their Harness


Flea and Tick prevention

For our yard and directly on our dogs.  We also use monthly preventative, but this is nice for wooded area hikes, camping, and other adventures we get into.  It is also safe for puppies when most are not.  



Zak George has many great videos to check out on his YouTube channel. Click on his hyper linked name below for them. We also recommend the 30 day Perfect Pup program with Zak George.