What is a Pomsky?

Husky x Pomeranian = Pomsky (Artic Spitz)

A Pomsky is a breed that is originally created by the cross of a female Siberian Husky and a male Pomeranian. All Pomskies that you are considering adopting should have a combination of percentages of both Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. Please take note that there are standards as to how much of the other approved breeds are allowed in a breeder's line to still be a legit Pomsky.  Some of the currently approved breeds other than Husky/Pomeranian are American Eskimos and German Klein spitz.  This may change in the future as reputable Pomsky breeders are trying their hardest to perfect this breed. At Gypsy Rose Pomskies we only have husky and pomeranian in our lines.  Through the years of this breed developing it has become an ideal standard that a Pomsky will have the appearance of a Husky with its coat markings and range between 8-25lbs. To read more about the IPA's standards set for Pomskies, you can do so here. We personally love the standard sizes because we envision the Pomsky as a smaller husky that can do husky-like activities with our family.  Pomskies are proving to have a friendly and social disposition and be quite intelligent as seen in huskies.